First urban beehive in the centre of Belgrade

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Beekeeping in urban areas is a growing trend in many countries. It is assumed that cities are a good space for the life of bees because they have the abundance of food in city parks and green areas where there isn’t such application of pesticides as in commercial agricultural farms. Having this in mind, we made a small contribution to beekeeping in Serbia by donating a beehive and forming an urban apiary in downtown Belgrade in Nova Iskra Design Incubator, where our happy hive is located.


Happy Honey tim na otvaranju

Apart from being an irreplaceable link in a healthy ecosystem, as well as the pollinators of most plants that form our nutrition, bees have highly-organized communities which we can learn a great deal, not only about the nature and the relevance of biodiversity, but about the management, higher community goals, communication, and the production of supreme products as well.  The beehive in Nova Iskra will place a significant element of nature on a visible position and in touch with the users and visitors in order to remind and teach us that these small hard-working creatures have a significant role in our hectic lives.

happy honey proizvod

At the event, we were hosts to prominent people from the field of beekeeping, agriculture, and business – which we were very proud of, and they were delighted to taste our happy pancakes and doughnuts colored with Happy Honey flavors. Miljan Peljević from Nova Iskra addressed the audience and emphasized that there will be more similar projects like this one, which was confirmed in her speech by Nina, our Operations Director.


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